Adriana's purpose is to deepen and share her knowledge, love of body awareness and art through movement via the practice of: Yoga, Capoeira and Samba. Adriana has been teaching yoga, dance and movement since 2009 and has been training and involved in the Capoeira community since 2006. She is a pre-monitora level with Cordao de Ouro, under the leadership of Mestre Esquilo and Contra-Mestre Zumbi. Adriana has studied under master Samba and Afro-Brazilian dancers ranging from Bahia Brazil, NYC, Washington DC and North Carolina. Adriana has over 500 hours of teacher training. Adriana is currently the co-director and choreographer of the NC Brazilian Arts Project based in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC. Adriana is also a member of the Moving Spirits Dance Company, an Afro-Brazilian dance company based in Charlotte led by Tamara Williams. Via the International Capoeira School, NC Brazilian Arts Project and Moving Spirits Dance Company, Adriana hopes pay homage to Afro-Brazilian culture and deepen her knowledge of dance, history and the intersection of social justice movements in the arts.