Mestre Esquilo, Bruno Antonio de Araujo Melo, started training capoeira at the age of 10. He has been adamantly dedicated to the art of Capoeira for 23 years. Mestre Esquilo travels the world extensively sharing his knowledge and passion for Capoeira and related Brazilian Arts. He has been to Israel, Germany, England, France, Spain, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Argentina and Colombia amongst other countries. 

Mestre Esquilo was awarded the rank of 1st degree Mestre in 2010 and 2nd degree Mestre in 2013 by his master, Mestre Suassuna. He has played an important role in the growth of capoeira internationally and specifically the development of capoeira in Israel. 

Mestre Esquilo has composed and produced 5 CDs including producing Mestre Suassana's Case de Capoeira featuring various capoeira masters. 

Mestre Esquilo hopes that those who take his workshops and lectures understand that capoeira is not just about movements rather it is the incorporation of the music, movements, and the culture that make this unique art form. Mestre Esquilo shares his passion for Capoeira with pride and contagious enthusiasm. He strives to show his students and audiences that capoeira is more than movement; it is a unique art form that incorporates music, movement, and culture.