Aristides Valeriano de Fatima, known internationally as Contra-Mestre Zumbi, was born in Sete Lagos in Minas Gerais, Brazil. At the age of 13, Contra-Mestre Zumbi started practicing capoeira with Mestre Esquilo. When Mestre Esquilo joined the group Cordão de Ouro, Contra-Mestre Zumbi and other students followed. Contra-Mestre has completely dedicated his life to capoeira. With his unique style of teaching capoeira, Contra-Mestre Zumbi creates fun and creative classes combining martial arts, expressive movements and gymnastics into an exciting and challenging practice. After teaching workshops and performing throughout Europe and the Mideast including Latvia, Israel, Austria, Sweden, and Germany, Contra-Mestre Zumbi has made the US his home, where he hopes to show others the beauty and diversity that exists in Brazilian culture.